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So you want to know how the numbers 100, 1000 or 2323122001 are written in Spanish? Simply type them in the form bellow and you will get the corresponding Spanish numeral. Only positive whole numbers, please!



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Números: Spanish Numbers for Android

QR codeIf you’ve found useful this little form, you’ll definitely love the Android app “Números”. It does the same thing, but it doesn’t require an Internet connection, and it offers some other interesting features, such as:

  • New: Press “Listen” and you’ll hear the number correctly pronounced!
  • It also shows how to spell any date and hour, including details such as “o’clock”, “in the morning”, etc.
  • It can handle also negative and/or decimal numbers.

You can install it in your phone or tablet, for free, from Google Play:

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Spanish Number Pronunciation

Now that you know all there is to know about the Spanish alphabet pronunciation, it should be easy for you to pronounce any Spanish number. But just in case you want a taste of it, I present you the most famous Spanish number song in the world. If, like me, you are getting a bit old, you are probably suspecting it: yes! it is the “Pinball Number Count” song from Sesame Street, Spanish version, in your screen thanks to Youtube! Enjoy!

Ah, such nostalgia! Oh, well…

How to “Mount” Spanish Numbers

The following table will give you a clear idea of how Spanish numbers are formed. First, you should learn the red numbers (so you will be able to sing the pinball song ^^), then the blue ones (now you can count 1-100) and finally the green ones (almost any number you can think of).

Spanish numbers

Some Notes about Spanish Numbers

  • Un billón = 1,000,000,000,000. Note that in Spanish un billónis not 1,000,000,000, but a million of millonesUn trillón is a million of billones, and so on.
  • Millions of. The cardinals millónbillón, etc. are never adjectives, but nouns, so when they qualify a noun by themselves, they must be followed by the preposition de, like in dos millones de dólares(two million dollars).
  • Thousands and decimals. Traditionally, in Spanish either dots or commas are used to separate the thousands. It depends on the country. But, more recently (and precisely to avoid confusion) a blank space is recommended instead, and a comma is recommended for decimals. So 22,500.99 would be 22 500,99.
  • Years in Spanish. To name a year, simply say its number. So, 1975 would not be nineteen seventy five, but “simply” one thousand nine hundred and seventy five (mil novecientos setenta y cinco).
  • Gender in Spanish numbers. Note that some Spanish numbers must follow the gender, when they qualify a noun. For example, 21321301 is the number veintiún millones trescientos veintiún mil trescientos uno, but talking about pounds (feminine) or dollars (masculine), it will be veintiún millones trescientas veintiuna mil trescientas una libras or veintiún millones trescientos veintiún mil trescientos un dólares, respectively. This is optional in the case of the numbers before mil, so it could also be veintiún millones trescientos veintiún mil trescientas una libras. Also note that it is always veintiún millones (masculine) because this veintiún refers to millones, which is always masculine.
  • Numbers as nouns. As nouns, the Spanish numbers are always masculine (el cero, el uno, el cuatro mil…)
  • Old-fashioned Spanish numbers. Sometimes you will read complex numerals such as diez y seis or veinte y uno (instead ofdieciséis and veintiuno). This is considered old-fashioned and should be avoided.

References (all in Spanish language)

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    What browser are you using? For the Number Dictionary to work, a modern browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer 6/7 must be used, with javascript enabled (that’s very important): if the browser asks your permission to run a script, you should allow it.

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    We say simply “año 44 d. C. (después de Cristo)”. The contrary would be “año 44 a. C. (antes de Cristo)”.

    Good luck with your presentation!

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    In general, I would say that the correct form is “tres coma tres cuatro”, but many people say “tres coma treinta y cuatro”, also. You’ll hear both forms.

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    I love tis website it gives me the answer when I type it in
    n I get to cheat for homework n get 100……………………….

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