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16 Spanish Phrases and Idioms about Moving, Standing and Resting

How do you say “to crawl on all fours” in Spanish? In this article I have collected 16 frequent phrases and Idioms in Spanish that have to do with body positions, or with ways of resting, moving, running, crawling, etc. I hope you find it useful, and if you have any doubt, you know, just leave a comment 🙂
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11 Spanish Phrases and Idioms About Ways of Doing Things

Barely, forcibly, frequently, very seldom, the hard way… Sometimes you need a short and simple way of expressing a certain way of doing things. Spanish language has lots of phrases and idioms of this kind, some of which may not be easily understood by a foreigner. Here are some of the most commonly used:

  1. A ciegas. Blindly. Él creyó a ciegas todo lo que ella dijo, he blindly believed all she said. Tengo una cita a ciegas este fin de semana, I have a blind date this weekend.
  2. A duras penas. Hardly, barely, with great difficulty. Estoy tan cansado que a duras penas puedo moverme, I’m so tired I can hardly move. Continue reading