Spanish subtitles: Dolphins and Humans

Here’s another short video with Spanish subtitles. This time it’s Mexican Spanish: a short piece from Mexican TV about dolphins and their special relationship with humans.

Tip: you can toggle the subtitles on/off with the dropdown list below the video. This way you can first see how much you can understand without subtitles. Enjoy!

What’s the meaning of…?

  • A lo mejor…: Perhaps…
  • Cetáceo: cetacean (sea mammals, like dolphins and whales).
  • Tan seguido: so often. This is typically latin-american. In Spain we say tan frecuentemente (so frecuently), tan a menudo (so often) or, more typically, simply tanto (so much).
  • Nado: swimming (the act of swimming).
  • Brinco, brincar: jump.
  • Funja, subjunctive from fungir: to act/serve (as).

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  1. spencer green
    October 17, 2013

    soy ingles, y aprendiendo espanol. Y para me el acento mexicano es facil entender que espanol…?como es possible? en verdad todo el america latina es mas facil entenderque todo espana…. Para me eso es muy estrano… mmmmm… los espanol hablan locos…


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