Spanish subtitled video about UFOs

Months ago (sorry for that) a reader asked me to subtitle more videos from “Cuarto Milenio”, like that about the “Misterios de la Casa Blanca“. Well, that is a good idea. So here you are, I hope you enjoy it (and I really hope I will be able to find time to subtitle more videos from now on…)

Remember, you may want to try first without looking at the subtitles (suggestion: resize your browser window and scroll the page so that you cannot see them).

What’s the meaning of…?

  • Ovni (Objeto Volante No Identificado): Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).
  • A todas luces: clearly, obviously, without doubt.
  • Fusiforme: fusiform, spindle-shaped.
  • De excepción (excepcional): exceptional.
  • IberiaIberia is the flag carrier airline of Spain.
  • Llevaría medio programa: it would take half a program.
  • A buena pluma: approximately, roughly (perhaps somewhat more frequent: a vuela pluma)
  • Tenía como venas: it had something like veins.
  • Desde luego sí que nos sorprende: of course it does surprise us.
  • Por lo menos: at least.

10 thoughts on “Spanish subtitled video about UFOs


    I’m learning Spanish and I have a problem with Spanish subtitles! I’m starting to thing that there are no Spanish subtitles for Spanish TV shows at all! But it can’t be possible! There has to be some subtitles at least for deaf people!
    Or official transcripts.
    Can somebody tell me please how is that possible?

  2. James Biese

    I was looking for spoken Spanish with Spanish subtitles. I’m retired, have a little vocabulary and grammar, but my biggest problem is “hearing” the words that are spoken
    I found your site, got to “improve the translation” and was enjoying the talks being broken into short phrases. Frankly, it was impossible for me to follow it otherwise.
    Then, I found myself unable to access the other videos in the same capacity. I suppose this is the point where you have to make some $ for your work. If the terms are reasonable I might be willing to invest in your program.
    Please advise me regarding what you’ve got going and how to get there.
    Jim Biese

    1. eduardo Post author

      Hi, James:

      All the subtitles should be freely available, from the drop-down menu below them. You can even download them (click on “Download Subtitles” instead). You can also click on “Subtitles Homepage” and then on the “Spanish” link in the “View Subtitles” section to the left. From there you can see all the subtitles for that video, and download them in a variety of formats.

      Hope that helps! 🙂


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