Paranormal Spanish subtitled video

Here you are another subtitled video. It is from a Spanish TV program called Cuarto Milenio. Cuarto Milenio is a program about mysteries and paranormal phenomena. In this case, they talk about mysterious incidents and coincidences in the history of the White House.

What’s the meaning of…?

  • Sin lugar a dudas: Undoubtedly.
  • Desde que fuera construida: Means the same as desde que fue construida (since it was constructed). Sometimes, you will find this kind of use of the subjunctive in literary/journalistic texts.
  • Enjuto: Lean, skinny.
  • Velatorio: wake, vigil.
  • Vidente: clairvoyant.
  • A modo de: as, by way of.
  • Funesto: fateful.
  • Presagio: Premonition.
  • Contaba entre sus amigos a una médium: She reckoned among her friends a medium.
  • Se sumió en un profundo trance: She sank into a deep trance.

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  2. Felix

    Awesome website….you’re literally a life saver….I have a suggestion\request, is it possible for you to leave a transcript of the video a the bottom of the videos?


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